9th Annual Finger Lakes Crossword Competition Results

Once again, we have looked COVID-19 in the eye...and it blinked! It may close our businesses and our schools, jam our hospitals, halt international travel, etc., but we'll be damned if it can stop us from the innocent pleasure of solving crossword puzzles with friends and family.

Thank you all for being a part of the Ninth Annual Finger Lakes Crossword Competition and "Honor" Event. We hope you had fun while supporting the literacy needs of our friends and neighbors.

The players below are listed by their finishing times. All of them not only had Perfect Puzzles but also finished their puzzles in the allotted 45 minutes. All the Winner and Perfect Puzzle Certificates will be emailed as PDFs. We will send their Merl Reagle's Crosswords Book Vol. 10 and their unique and highly coveted TLP Finger Lakes Crossword Champ Bracelets via USPS.

Top Finishers

Toughest Team
Team Smaiblers - 5:46 Winner!
Biblioteca: Wreck Ya Redux - 10:20
Sapsuckers - 13:03

Trickiest Team
Tax Team - 12:41 Winner!
CrookWords - 13:33
Roget's Envy - 16:33

Easiest Team
Two Amigos - 24:45 Winner!

Toughest Individual
Robert White - 5:47 Winner!
Jacob Lehman - 10:32
Toby Baldwin - 13:31

Trickiest Individual
Ted Boscia - 6:13 Winner!
Leigh Keeley - 11:19
Ellen Gibson-Kennedy - 11:40

Easiest Individual
Janet Klein - 19:49 Winner!
Sophie Israelsohn - 30:40

All Perfect Puzzles

Toughest Teams
@ Cross Porpoises
Biblioteca: Wreck Ya Redux
Four-mer Champs
Longhouse Longshots
Sweet Potatoes
Write up our sleeve
Team Smaiblers

Trickier Teams
Cayuga Crossworders
Plan B
Roget's Envy
Sassy Twins
Sky Blue 21
Tax Team
Zoom Dreamers

Easier Teams
Two Amigos

Toughest Individual
Toby Baldwin
Rogert Gilbert
Jacob Lehman
Janice Mayne
Adam Oppenheim
Robert White

Trickier Individual
Ted Boscia
Jennifer Cunningham
Ellen Gibson-Kennedy
Leigh Keeley
Sabrina Leddy
Howard Leib
Judy Racoosin
Mariana Wolfner

Easier Individual
Sophie Israelsohn
Janet Klein